Squid Game Season 1 Episode 1 Synopsis[Review] 오징어 게임 시즌 1 1화

Squid Game Season 1

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Squid Game Season 1

==================< Squid Game Season 1. Episode 1 >===================

오징어 게임 시즌 1은 오징어 게임의 놀이소개와 규칙소개로 시작한다.

Squid Game Season 1 begins with an introduction to squid game play and rules.

Squid Game Season 1

오징어 게임이란?

What is Squid Game?

오징어 게임은 한국에서 초등학교 아이들이 운동장에서 하는 놀이였는데 요즘 아이들은 놀거리가 많아서 잘 하지 않는다.

The squid game was a game that elementary school children played on the playground in Korea, but these days, children don’t play well because there are many other things to play.

꼬마 아이들의 놀이 치고는 흡사 미식축구랑 비슷하게 몸싸움과 균형감각도 필요한 거친게임이다.

For a child’s play, it’s a rough game that requires physical combat and balance, similar to American football.

=======<rules in the Squid Game Season 1 >=======

In my town, that game
called “squid”

Because of the picture that resembles a squid
It was a name attached.
the rules are simple

children in groups
It is divided into two parts: offensive and defensive.

when the game starts
The defenders of the line stand on their own two feet
An out-of-line attacker must move with the jabber foot.

But the attacker took the opportunity
If you cross the squid’s waist
able to move freely on both feet

I don’t know why
We called it ‘Second Words’
When you’re ready for the final battle

Attackers gather at the entrance of the squid painting
To win, the attacker
Inside the small line above the head of the squid
you have to kick it

At this point, the defender
If you step on the line or go outside, you die.

When you cross the finish line, shout ‘Hurray’


Squid Game Season 1
주인공 성기훈은 성인이 됐지만 엄마에게 용돈을 받고 생활하는 백수다.

Seong Ki-hoon, the main character, is an unemployed man who lives on money from his mother even though he has become an adult.

이혼남이고 딸도 있다. 딸은 전 부인과 살고 있다. 딸의 생일날 선물해줄 돈이 없는 찌질한 성기훈은 엄마 카드를 훔친다.

He is divorced and has a daughter. His daughter lives with his ex-wife. With no money for a birthday present for his daughter, loser Ki-hoon Sung steals his mom’s card.

한국에서는 성인이 되어서도 자립하지 못한 자식을 ‘캥거루족’이라고 한다.

In Korea, children who are unable to stand on their own even after becoming adults are called ‘Kangaroo tribe’.

독립할 나이에 모든 경제력을 부모 또는 가족에게 의존하는 사람의 모습을 어미 캥거루 배주머니 안에서 먹이를 받아먹고 천적으로부터 보호받는 새끼 캥거루의 모습에 빗댄 부정적인 표현이다.

It is a negative expression comparing the appearance of a person who is dependent on his parents or family for all economic power even though he has reached the age of social adulthood and independence to the appearance of a baby kangaroo receiving food from the mother kangaroo’s belly pouch.

Squid Games Season 1

==================< Squid Game Season 1. Episode 1 >===================

훔친 엄마 카드로 딸에게 줄 선물을 사주기 위해 100만원을 찾는다. 하지만 도박에 빠져있는 성기훈은 100만원을 들고 경마장에 간다.

A stolen mother’s card is used to find 1 million won to buy a gift for her daughter. However, Seong Ki-hun, who is addicted to gambling, goes to the racetrack with 1 million won.

Squid Games Season 1

운이 좋았다! 100만원으로 456만원을 벌었다!

He was lucky! I earned 4.56 million won with 1 million won!

Squid Games Season 1

딸에게 선물도 주고 맛있는 음식도 사줄 생각에 부풀었지만…

He swelled up at the thought of giving his daughter a gift and buying her delicious food, but…

사체업자들에게 얻어맞고 돈을 빼앗긴다.

Getting beaten up by moneylenders and robbing them of their money.

Squid Games Season 1

결국 딸을 위해 문방구 뽑기 인형과 떡볶이나 사주게 된다.

He ends up buying cheap dolls and street food for her daughter.

아빠를 걱정하는 어른스러운 딸…

daughter caring for father…

==================< Squid Game Season 1. Episode 1 >===================

Squid Games Season 1

그렇게 한심한 하루를 보낸 성기훈은 집으로 돌아가는 지하철에서 어떤 남자(공유)를 만난다.

After such a pathetic day, Seong Ki-hoon meets a man on the subway on his way home.

딱지치기 해서 이기면 10만원 지면 싸대기 맞기를 제안한다.

He suggests playing a game of passing folded papers and getting 100,000 won if you win and a slap in the face if you lose.

Squid Games Season 1

한국어로 이 게임을 ‘딱, 지, 치, 기,’ ‘라고 발음한다.

In Korean, this game is called

” ttag,   ji,   chi,   gi “

is pronounced.

딱지치기 못하는 성기훈. 계속 뺨을 맞는다.

Seong Ki-hoon keeps losing in games. he kept getting hit

Squid Games Season 1

결국, 한번 이기고 10만원을 받았다!

In the end, I won once and received 100,000 won!

공유가 연락한번 해보라고 성기훈(이정재)에게 명함을 준다.

The mysterious man gives Seong Ki-hoon his business card.

==================< Squid Game Season 1. Episode 1 >===================

Squid Games Season 1

명함에 적힌 전화번호로 연락해 거액의 상금이 걸린 게임에 참가하기로 한다.

Call the phone number written on the business card and decide to participate in a game with a huge prize.

Squid Games Season 1

5게임만 통과하면 인생역전이다.

If you pass only 5 games, your life will be reversed.

Squid Games Season 1

참가자 모두 돈이 필요한 사람들이다.

All participants are people who need money.

Squid Games Season 1

바로 첫 번째 게임이 시작된다. 게임의 이름은 ‘무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다.’

The first game begins immediately. The name of the game is ‘red light green light

‘무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다.’라고 말하는 동안 결승선 안으로 도착하는 게임이다.

It is a game to reach within the finish line while saying red light green light.

오징어 게임

인형이 정면을 보고 있을때 움직이면 총에 맞아 죽는다.

If the doll is facing forward, it cannot move. If you move, you will be shot and killed.

오징어 게임

많은 사람이 목숨을 잃고 첫 게임이 끝난다.

Many people lose their lives and the first game is over.

오징어 게임

어둠속에서 게임을 관전하는 검은 마스크

‘Black Mask man’ sees the game in the dark

오징어 게임 시즌 1, 2화에서 충격적인 게임이 계속된다.

The shocking game continues in episodes 1 and 2 of the squid game season.

다음에 계속


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Squid Game Season 1 Episode 1 Synopsis[Review] 오징어 게임 시즌 1 1화

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