How to Upload Original Songs to SoundCloud/Share Music on the Internet in 4 Steps

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How to Upload Original Songs to SoundCloud

Have you ever used SoundCloud? It’s a site that’s loved by both listeners and musicians because it allows you to enjoy music for free and easily upload your own compositions. Many musicians upload their self-produced tracks created with MIDI and composition software on SoundCloud. It’s known for launching the careers of numerous artists, often referred to as the gateway for musicians.


Today, for those taking lessons at a music academy or aspiring to self-study and learn composition, we will explore how to upload your own compositions to SoundCloud.

1. SoundCloud Sign-Up


You can start the registration process by clicking ‘Sign up for free’ or ‘Create account.


Enter an email address you frequently use. If you have a Facebook, Google, or Apple ID, you can easily sign up. Let me enter your email directly to learn more.


The signup site doesn’t ask for much personal information. A window will pop up to enter your age and gender, but if you do not wish to enter them, click ‘Continue’.


A window will appear asking you to select ‘display name’.

‘display name’ refers to the name of your account that is visible to others.

If you have a name prepared, write it down. Even if you haven’t decided on a name for your activity yet, write it down as soon as it comes to mind.

You can edit it later.

I will write it as Kumnamu in the meaning of ‘composing dream tree’.

I wrote it in English, but you can also use Korean.

2. Upload songs to SoundCloud


When you click the ‘Profile’ menu in the upper right corner, the screen above will appear.

You can upload a song by clicking ‘Upload now’ at the bottom of the screen.


Then you will be taken to a window like the one above.

①: You will be asked if you want to upgrade your account to ‘Pro Unlimited’. Instead of paying money every month, you get better benefits. The differences from the free account will be explained in detail below. If you are planning to use a free account, you can ignore it.

②: Click the button to upload the file. As indicated in the instructions, you can also easily upload files by dragging and moving them.

③: When uploading multiple files, you will be asked whether you want to create a playlist and upload it. This is a useful feature when uploading an album rather than a single song.

④: Set the public status of the song to upload.


When you select a file, a window to enter song information will appear as shown above.

①: Cover image

②: Title of the song

③: Genre of the song

④: Additional tags

⑤: Song description

⑥: Caption

⑦: Public status

You’re probably curious about the difference between ⑤ and ⑥.

⑤ The song description can be written within 4,000 characters and is where detailed information about the song is written. Write down album track information, people who participated in the song, lyrics, etc.

⑥ The caption is a short phrase that appeals to the listener and can be written within 140 characters. Write a short description of the track or a phrase that makes the song appealing.

You can upload by just entering the title of the song, but it is recommended to enter as much detail as possible to appeal to people.

3. Differences between free use of SoundCloud and paid payments


SoundCloud usage levels are divided into Free, Pro Unlimited, and Repost.

Free users can use most functions, but there is a 3-hour upload limit.

Repost provides the ability to distribute music uploaded to SoundCloud to other sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Instagram. However, the 3-hour upload limit will not disappear.

Pro Unlimited allows you to upload unlimited music. You can also receive analysis data provided by SoundCloud and use all Repost features.

Initially, there is no problem using SoundCloud with the Free plan, but as the number of songs increases and the number of followers increases, it is worth considering the Pro plan.


4. K-POP composition book recommendation

We learned how to upload our own songs to SoundCloud.

Uploading is as easy as uploading a photo to Instagram or Facebook, but promoting your song and growing followers is entirely up to you.

In addition to the quality of the song, you need to pay attention to visual images such as profiles and album covers, and the more you utilize tools to promote yourself, such as YouTube and Instagram, the more advantageous it is.

If you are composing similar songs every time and don’t know how to create better songs, I recommend studying composition.

The more you build your knowledge of composition theory, the more things you can try, and your view of music also broadens.

Composition theory can also be learned on your own.

Currently, K-pop is trending around the world. The most popular composition book in Korea is the ‘Murim Master Harmony Series’. The concepts of composition are explained as simply as possible, while still containing all the necessary theory.


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