Exhuma:6-step summary of the ending of the movie ‘Exhuma’ [Release date, reviews, ending, meaning, Choi Min-sik, Kim Go-eun, Yoo Hae-jin, Lee Do-hyeon, main characters’ names and license plate meaning, monster photo]

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Exhuma:6-step summary of the ending of the movie ‘Exhuma’ [Release date, preview, meaning, Choi Min-sik, Kim Go-eun, Yoo Hae-jin, Lee Do-hyeon, main characters’ names and license plate meaning, monster photo]

The Korean movie ‘Exhuma’ has been released. This is a review and synopsis that I saw in person.

If you do not want to know the plot and ending of the movie ‘Exhuma’, please do not read this post and click back.

I will first write a one-line review of the movie ‘Exhuma’.

“It seems a bit disappointing compared to the Korean film ‘The Wailing,’ but it is a very entertaining and suspenseful horror movie.”

(1) Story of the movie ‘Exhuma’

Shamans ‘Hwa-rim’ (Kim Go-eun) and ‘Bong-gil’ (Lee Do-hyeon) meet the eldest grandson of a family with a strange illness passed down from generation to generation in Los Angeles, USA.

The shaman ‘Hwarim’, who was offered a large amount of compensation by a client who had been wealthy for generations, realizes that the grave site of the client’s ancestor is the source of the evil.

Hwa-rim suggests joining the best feng shui master she knows, ‘Sang-deok’ (Choi Min-sik), and undertaker ‘Young-geun’ (Yoo Hae-jin).

Sangdeok, a feng shui master, confirms the location of the client’s ancestor’s grave and declares his intention to leave with the following words.

“You know everything… “What happens if you touch a grave wrongly?”

‘Sang-deok’, who saw a strange tomb located in a bad place where no one could be buried, feels an ominous energy and refuses the offer, but with the persuasion of ‘Hwarim’, the exhumation of the tomb eventually begins… In the end, something that shouldn’t come out of the grave comes out.

(2) Meaning of ‘Exhuma’

Meaning of ‘Exhuma’ : It refers to the act of digging up a grave to move it or fix it and bury it. In other words, ‘Exhuma’ corresponds to a procedure for moving a burial tomb.

In order to move a cemetery, the existing grave must be removed. The existing burial mound or tomb is removed, the buried remains of the deceased are recovered, and the cemetery stone monument is disposed of.

(3) Plot conclusion of the movie ‘Exhuma’

A rich client offers a large sum of money and asks four people – a shaman (Kim Go-eun), Bong-gil (Lee Do-hyun), a geomancer (Choi Min-sik), and an undertaker (Yoo Hae-jin) – to cremate the grave without opening the lid.

In the end, they succeed in ‘Exhuma’ and as they are transporting the coffin, it suddenly starts raining. Because of a feng shui master (Choi Min-sik) who claims that cremation on a rainy day will prevent the deceased from going to a good place, the cremation is stored and postponed until the next day.

However, because it was a rich man’s coffin, the manager of the crematorium, who wanted to see if there was wealth inside, secretly opened the coffin lid. The soul of the client’s ancestor comes out of the coffin.

The ancestral spirits that have escaped begin to visit and kill each of their bloodline members one by one in order to make them their companions in the afterlife.

Family members around him, including the client, are dying one by one, and the ancestral spirits are reaching out to their newborn grandson with a hand of death.

Just before the baby grandson dies, the ancestors’ souls are sent to heaven by cremating the casket.

The movie, which I thought would end like this, moves on to the next stage.

In the same place where the ancestor’s coffin was buried, a huge coffin over 2 meters long was discovered buried vertically.

It is decided that this huge coffin will also be cremated. However, the night before cremation, the corpse (giant Japanese samurai) inside the huge coffin comes out and slaughters animals and people.

In the morning, the giant Japanese samurai monster turns into an ogre and flies to the original location of the coffin.

A feng shui master (Choi Min-sik) discovers that the monster that was rampaging at night turned into a phantom and flew away and was put back in its original tomb. The Japanese samurai monster is petrified in the ground like Dracula during the day.

A feng shui master (Choi Min-sik) finds out that there is a stake that Japan drove in to cut off Korea’s energy at the location of the giant coffin, and decides to pull the stake out to avoid the Japanese samurai monster.

Using the shaman’s (Kim Go-eun) trick, he lured the Japanese samurai monster and searched for a stake, but could not find it. The reason is because the Japanese samurai themselves were stakes. A stake was driven into the body of a Japanese warrior and a spell was cast on him.

In the end, the movie ends with the feng shui master (Choi Min-sik) defeating the giant monster with the knowledge of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements.

(4) Review of the movie ‘Exhuma’

The actors’ acting was so good that I couldn’t take my eyes off them even for a moment. In particular, the acting of the shaman ‘Hwarim’ (Kim Go-eun) was very good. I think Kim Go-eun’s performance as a shaman was better than Hwang Jung-min’s in the movie ‘The Wailing’.

The movie can be roughly divided into Part 1, which features ancestral spirits, and Part 2, which features Japanese samurai monsters. Part 1 was a story that used a lot of Hollywood-style horror and was too predictable, so the plot and setting were somewhat disappointing.

The disappointing performance in Part 1 is the scene where a child confesses to hiding his grandmother’s dentures… (Ah… not this… haha)

And the act of an old man in a wheelchair opening a window to ancestral spirits… (Ah.. not this either..ㅜㅜhaha..)

For example, a scene where blood is vomited like an exosheet, a Dracula setting where you have to open the door of the house to enter, a setting where the person outside the door and the person on the phone are the same person and one is a ghost, a client who looks like he saw something in a German ghost movie with a Nazi theme.

The Japanese soldier’s possession scene, and the unwritten rule that babies do not die in American horror movies, so they would bury the baby and send it to heaven before killing it… The expected setting was one that was seen in many other Hollywood movies, so I thought it was made with the aim of expanding overseas. We were a bit bored together. If it had ended with part 1, I think it would have ended with a movie that I almost wouldn’t have posted.

Part 2 became a bit more interesting when the Japanese samurai monster appeared.

What’s disappointing about part 2…

  1. Expression of the melted face of a Japanese samurai monster
  2. The remarks of the geomancer (Choi Min-sik), who tries to fight with patriotic beliefs, are so boring.

Aside from the two things above, I think it was remembered as a very fun movie.

(5) Meaning of the name of the main character in the movie ‘Exhuma’

The director said, ‘If you look at our history, there are remnants that have festered, and I thought that it still has an impact to this day. I wanted to ‘destroy’ it. I wanted to extract the pain and fear of hurt from the past.’ He said. Additionally, the director named the four main characters after heroes who fought against Japan. I guess that’s why I was able to defeat the Japanese samurai monster.

  • Shaman (Hwarim): Hwarim is said to be named after ‘Lee Hwa-rim,’ a real-life independence activist who fought against Japan.
  • Feng Shui Temple (Sangdeok): Sangdeok is said to be named after ‘Kim Sangdeok’, a real-life independence activist who fought against Japan.
  • Undertaker (Yeong-geun): It is said to be named after Go Yeong-geun, a soldier and enlightened politician of the Korean Empire.
  • Dokgyeongmu (Bong-gil): In the play, Lee Do-hyeon’s first name is ‘Bong-gil’ and his last name is ‘Yoon’, that is, the name of ‘Yun Bong-gil’, a famous independence activist. korea. Moreover, this is the first time that ‘Dokgyeongmu’ rather than a shaman has appeared in a Korean film. Dokgyeongmu is a shaman who chases away evil spirits by beating the drum and reciting Buddhist scriptures. It is said that evil spirits are afraid of the Bible. In response, the Japanese samurai monster puts its hand into the empty space of the tattoo (Bible) on Bong-gil’s body and causes damage. And in the hospital room, three shamans prepared pork and tteokbokki. ‘Is everyone here? Is this Yoon Seobang? In the part where he said, ‘Let’s eat together before Yoon Seo-bang comes,’ I thought Lee Do-hyun’s name was Yoon Bong-gil.

The names of the four main characters above are famous independence activists in our country. In the past, when Japan invaded Korea, they were Korean heroes who blew up major Japanese military facilities and destroyed militarily important Japanese troops. Thanks to them, Korea’s liberation from Japan was accelerated. Since the names of the film’s main characters are the names of the heroes who defeated Japan, it is predictable that the Japanese samurai monster that appears in the film will not win.

(6) Meaning of the license plate number of the movie ‘Exhuma’

The car numbers that appear in the movie ‘Exhuma’ are 1945, 0815, and 0301.

  • 1945, 0815 : August 15, 1945 is a day called ‘Liberation Day’ to commemorate Korea’s liberation from Japan and the establishment of the government of the Republic of Korea, which inherited the legal tradition of the Provisional Government.
  • 0301 : It is called ‘Samiljeol’, a national holiday commemorating the day on March 1, 1919, when the Korean people protested against Japanese colonial rule and announced Korea’s intention for independence to the world by issuing the Declaration of Independence.

Anyway, the movie ‘Exuma’ is fun, so be sure to watch it. At the theater, the woman sitting next to me came alone, and she was so shocked that her chair kept shaking. Hahaha..^^;;

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