Electric Guitar Beginner Amp Recommendations ‘[Positive Grid] Spark Mini’

Electric Guitar Beginner Amp Recommendations ‘[Positive Grid] Spark Mini’

Electric Guitar Beginner Amp : Starting electric guitar playing will lead to the purchase of a practice electric guitar and an amplifier. Of course, buying good equipment will require a significant amount of money. However, it can be burdensome for beginners who are just starting to learn the electric guitar to invest in expensive gear from the beginning. I will introduce practice amplifiers that are recommended for beginners in electric guitar.

The ‘Spark’ electric guitar amplifier, released by a company called ‘Positive Grid.

The product is available in three different sizes as follows.

Initially, only the largest ‘Spark’ product was available for sale.

They have been releasing smaller products in the following order: Spark Mini -> Spark Go.

Electric Guitar Beginner Amp
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A few years ago, I had been closely following this amplifier even before it was distributed in South Korea. The reason for this is because I was already using BIAS FX 2, a virtual instrument made by the same company, Positive Grid.


One day, they started creating and selling a smart amplifier that captured the sound of virtual instruments.

That amplifier was none other than the ‘Spark’.

Spark amp

I thought this would sell really well once it came to Korea. The reason being that Yamaha THR was selling like hotcakes, catering to both beginners and experienced players alike.

Yamaha THR

I believed that there was nothing quite like Positive Grid’s ‘Spark’ as a rival to Yamaha THR. While Yamaha THR delivers a predetermined sound at the level of regular amplifiers, Spark can be linked to an app, allowing for various effects settings.

You can set up dozens of different types of effects, just like using virtual instruments on a computer. (Of course, you need to make separate purchases in the app to use all virtual instrument products).

Furthermore, to highlight some more advantages of the Spark amplifier, it allows you to purchase the sound profiles of famous guitarists, record your playing, and jam along with backing tracks through the app.

It also has a feature that automatically generates chord charts from YouTube songs.

Additionally, it includes a tuning function and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker.

Moreover, if you purchase a separate controller, you can effectively use it as a pedalboard.

Of course, I have many multi-effects and virtual instruments,

so I didn’t see a reason to buy a practice amp…

(If I were to buy this amp, it would purely be a decoration item)


Isn’t this amp truly amazing…?

If I were a beginner starting to play electric guitar, I would definitely have bought this amp. (Probably the ‘Spark Mini’ version).

My Own Custom

What’s fun about Positive Grid’s Spark amp is that you can customize it with your desired design. You can place an order by uploading image files (minimum 300dpi) in formats like JPG.

• Spark 40 Grill Size: 322mm x 128mm.

• Spark MINI Grill Size: 118mm x 124mm.

Spark amp

They are also selling three products in collaboration with famous tattoo artists.

Spark Mini
Spark Mini
Spark Mini

Limited Edition with Famous Guitarists

I’ve been receiving emails from Positive Grid, and it looks like the Paul Gilbert edition is out.

Wow… even if I don’t use it, I just want to have it.

It’s so cute ^^

Paul Gilbert edition

It’s the Paul Gilbert edition with his autograph.

The artwork looks like it’s from the album cover Paul Gilbert released this year.

폴길버트<The Dio Album> 2023

Wow… it’s such a majestic photo.

It captures the history of Paul Gilbert in one image.

I wanted to buy it immediately, but!!

Spark Mini

I wanted the Jack Wild edition before as well…

Spark Mini

Purchasing these editions feels like reaching for the stars in the sky.

Anyway, as a beginner electric guitar amp, I recommend Positive Grid’s ‘Spark’ amp.

Q) If you were a beginner in electric guitar, what amplifier would you purchase?

1) “A basic, no-frills amp.”

2) “The widely-used Yamaha THR amp.”

3) “The amazing Ultra-GapSung, ‘Positive Grid’s Spark Amp’.”

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