The worst Netflix DP2 Season 2 ending, leaving no hope for Season 3

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The worst Netflix DP2 Season 2 ending, leaving no hope for Season 3

It’s difficult to sum up Netflix’s DP Season 2 in just one sentence, but if I had to, I’d say it was definitely entertaining, but lacked the emotional impact I was hoping for.

The earnestness and emotional impact of Season 1 were nowhere to be found. Most of all, what baffled me while watching DP Season 2 was the diminishing focus on the deserter story and the instances of DP getting involved in unrelated narratives.

Just like Woo Yeong Woo started off really amusing but lost his way as the series progressed, DP2 seemed to follow a similar path where Season 2 was erasing the emotional impact of Season 1. (There might be spoilers ahead, so if you’d rather not read them, you can stop here.)

I’m planning to write a post about why DP Season 2 was not enjoyable. For those considering watching DP2, I advise managing expectations and giving it a try on Netflix.


It should have been Jung Hae In and Koo Kyo Hwan, or rather Ahn Jun Ho and Han Ho Yeol, taking the center stage….

The story felt so scattered to the point where one might question if these two are truly the protagonists.

The brief moments when they did take the spotlight were actually quite enjoyable…

The director or the writer seemed to have wanted to say too much. The emotional impact of Season 1 wasn’t achieved through excessive storytelling, and it feels like there was some sort of misunderstanding.


Was resorting to using the well-known actor Son Seok Gu inevitable in the end?

It wouldn’t have been possible to allocate limited screen time to Son Seok Gu, a major star in Korea, as they did in Season 1.

Consequently, with Son Seok Gu’s increased presence, including his wife’s appearance and expanded storyline, the drama’s content gradually became scattered.

However, it’s not as if Son Seok Gu is the main character, and with no clear protagonist, the drama turned into something peculiar.


At least the chemistry between Captain Im Ji Seob and Sergeant Park Beom Gu was somewhat tolerable, but…


The sudden and implausible shift of Im Ji Seob’s wife from being a villain to suddenly becoming righteous disrupted the immersion. ㅠㅠ


In the end, it seems like DP Season 2 wanted to focus on the narrative of the nation and evil centered around Gu Ja Woon, rather than the deserter’s story… Sigh… The majority of K-dramas or K-movies tend to fail or disappoint in their second seasons, and it makes me wonder if it’s due to excessive ambition.


At least in the ending of DP Season 2, this one scene provided a touching moment.

Ahn Jun Ho’s astonishment upon seeing the perpetrator still living a comfortable life.

Of course, the true ending of the following scene is yet to unfold.

Interpreting it further, it could also convey the message that actions for the sake of the victims are still necessary…


Ahn Jun Ho still has 364 days left in his military service.

This could be seen as a setup for DP Season 3, but if it’s going to be crafted like DP2 Season 2, it might be better not to produce it.

If there’s confidence in recapturing the glory and emotion of DP2 Season 1, then a proper return is hoped for.

I wish for Season 3 to be centered around Jung Hae In and Koo Kyo Hwan, truly focusing on the deserter story.

DP2 Season 2 was too disappointing.

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