Blackpink’s top 5 hit songs

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Blackpink’s top 5 hit songs

Let’s select 5 famous songs of BLACKPINK.

1. Lovesick Girls

  • composer : TEDDY, 24, JENNIE, Brian Lee, Leah Haywood, R.Tee, David Guetta
  • lyricist : TEDDY, Loren,JISOO, JENNIE, Danny Chung
  • arranger : 24, R.Tee

Of course, the first person you notice is TEDDY (real name Park Hong-jun). He took part in writing the lyrics along with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Jennie. David Guetta, who participated in the composition, is a world-renowned EDM musician from France. Despite various rumors, he is indeed a person with an incredible career in the electronic music field, and he contributed to BLACKPINK’s song.

On the other hand, ’24’ (real name Seo Jung-hoon), who can be seen in the composition and arrangement, is affiliated with YG’s sub-label called ‘The Black Label,’ and he has collaborated with many YG-affiliated singers. Some of his representative works include Sunmi’s ‘Heroine’ and ‘Gashina.’ Moreover, he has also participated in the songs of many famous rappers in the past.

“Lovesick Girls” by Blackpink is an impressive song with lyrics that pose the ultimate question of why humans continue to seek love despite the pain and heartache it brings.

Perhaps it’s because love is a universal emotion.

The song stands out with its notable rhymes as well. One of my favorite lines is, “Didn’t wanna be a princess, I’m priceless”!

I find it so admirable how Blackpink confidently expresses that they don’t want to be princesses, but instead, they are invaluable individuals.

Isn’t it such a fantastic lyric?

Lovesick Girls

The music video for ‘Lovesick Girls’ received praise for showcasing Blackpink members’ mature inner acting through a performance-centered composition and direction, unlike the previous works that solely relied on intense performances. As soon as it was released, it explosively garnered views and reached 100 million views in just 75 hours, making it the most-watched video on YouTube for a week.

Blackpink’s YouTube channel has been rapidly growing, currently surpassing 60.1 million subscribers. As they chase after Justin Bieber, who holds the title of the most subscribed artist globally, Blackpink is on the verge of making a new record.

‘Lovesick Girls’ also achieved remarkable success on global major charts. The song topped the ‘Global YouTube Songs Top 100’ for two consecutive weeks and reached #3 on the Spotify Global Chart. Additionally, it entered the US Billboard Hot 100 at #59, gaining attention in the mainstream pop market.

The album ‘THE ALBUM,’ which includes this song, reached #1 on iTunes album charts in a total of 57 countries, including the US. It sold more than 1.2 million copies worldwide, making Blackpink the first million-seller K-pop girl group.


2. How You Like That

  • composer : TEDDY, Danny Chung
  • lyricist : TEDDY, 24, R.Tee
  • arranger : 24, R.Tee

R.Tee (real name Kim Jung-gu) is an artist who has participated in many of BLACKPINK’s music. He is also a producer under The Black Label, like 24, but unlike other producers in the label, he is quite active in various places. R.Tee’s name means ‘Radiohead’s T-Shirt.’ He was appointed as a ‘Vision Artist’ by World Vision in 2017, and he has an interesting career. Later, if I get the chance, I’ll post more information about R.Tee as an artist.

The music video for ‘How You Like That’ set an astonishing record by garnering 86.3 million views on its first day, earning a spot in the Guinness World Records for ‘Most Viewed YouTube Video in 24 Hours.’ Subsequently, it reached 100 million views in approximately 32 hours, 200 million views in 7 days, 300 million views in 21 days, 400 million views in 43 days, 500 million views in 73 days, 600 million views in 117 days, and 700 million views in 175 days. Such an incredible achievement!

How You Like That

With its powerful beat, ‘How You Like That’ delivers a message of ‘rising high without yielding in any situation.’ In the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, it won ‘Song of The Summer,’ and it also secured the top spot as YouTube’s ‘Global Top Summer Song.’

Blackpink’s YouTube channel boasts a total of 26 videos with billions of views, and their subscriber count keeps growing steadily, currently surpassing 58.5 million. They maintain their position as the number one female artist worldwide and solidly hold the second spot among all artists globally.

3. DDU-du DDU-du

  • composer : TEDDY
  • lyricist : TEDDY, 24, R.Tee, Bekuh BOOM
  • arranger : TEDDY, 24, R.Tee

Bekuh BOOM is a female singer-songwriter from the United States. Although not widely known to us, she has been contributing to songs by YG artists for quite some time. Starting with Taeyang’s iconic track ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ in 2014, she has been involved in creating many songs for YG. She has also collaborated with artists like Lee Hi and Suhyun (of AKMU) in the past. Bekuh BOOM is a talented composer who has worked with ‘RKelly’ and ‘Christopher’ as well.

Blackpink’s first mini-album, ‘SQUARE UP,’ achieved great success with its title track, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU.’ The song topped Korean music programs like ‘Show! Music Core’ and SBS ‘Inkigayo’ for three consecutive weeks, earning the coveted ‘Triple Crown.’ In total, it won 9 music show trophies. Additionally, Blackpink has been excelling on music charts alongside their music show achievements.

DDU-du DDU-du

‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ reached #1 on major Korean music sites’ real-time charts and maintained its position at the top for 25 days. Making history, it entered the ‘Billboard 200’ at #40 and ‘Hot 100’ at #55, marking the highest record ever achieved by a Korean girl group on Billboard’s main charts.

The music video for ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ achieved the second-highest number of views within 24 hours upon release. Within just 21 days and 7 hours, it surpassed 150 million views, setting a new record for the shortest time taken by a K-pop group. Blackpink truly lives up to their nickname, ‘the record-breaking machine,’ as they continue to make remarkable achievements.


4. ‘마지막처럼 (AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST)’

  • composer : TEDDY, FUTURE BOUNCE, Lydia Peak
  • lyricist : TEDDY, Brothersu, CHOICE37
  • arranger : TEDDY, FUTURE BOUNCE

Brothersus is a well-known artist that many of you are already familiar with. He has collaborated with several K-pop singers, including Monsta X, WJSN (Cosmic Girls), Jeon Somi, Jung Se-woon, K.Will, and more. Moreover, he is a talented musician who has contributed to the lyrics and composition of many songs by BTS.

CHOICE37 is a Korean-American artist born in LA, who has previously been active in the underground hip-hop scene in the United States. He was part of a hip-hop group and released albums. In 2008, he came to Korea and, thanks to an introduction by his friend Teddy, whom he knew since he was young, he has been working as a producer with YG since 2009.

In 2017, YG’s leading girl group, Blackpink, made a highly anticipated comeback with their first single. This song showcases a bright and refreshing summer vibe, different from the emotions they displayed in their previous music. Among all their releases, “As If It’s Your Last” stands out as the fastest and most exhilarating track, revealing a limitless array of their charms.


“As If It’s Your Last” captivates listeners right from the introduction with its addictive lead synths. The dance track features a 4/4 kick rhythm, skillfully blending elements from various genres such as mambo-ton, reggae, and house. The song’s brilliance lies in the juxtaposition of the melodic verses and the vibrant synth lines and sound sources that accompany the chorus, creating a captivating and exciting melody in just the right places.

5. Forever Young

  • composer : TEDDY, FUTURE BOUNCE
  • lyricist : TEDDY
  • arranger : TEDDY, FUTURE BOUNCE, R.Tee

FUTURE BOUNCE is a team consisting of two members, ‘Choi Pil-kang’ and ‘Park Han-bum.’ Even before forming the team, they individually created songs for YG-affiliated singers. They officially established their team in 2015. Park Han-bum has a track record of composing and arranging songs for artists like Lee So-ra and Suran, while Choi Pil-kang has been involved in composing and arranging the epic hit ‘Spoiler’ by Epik High.

I’ve looked into Blackpink’s top 5 hit songs so far, and after examining the composers and lyricists, it’s evident why TEDDY is often referred to as Blackpink’s father. Almost every song bears TEDDY’s name in the credits. Moreover, their collaborations with famous musicians further highlight Blackpink’s high standing in the music industry. Well then, next time, I will post about ‘Blackpink’s Top 6 Favorite Songs.’

‘Forever Young’ is one of the double title tracks from Blackpink’s first mini-album ‘SQUARE UP,’ released in 2018. This dance track with a lively and beautiful verse and a charismatic and contrasting chorus features a moombahton rhythm, delivering a positive message of “Let’s burn our youth without regrets.”

Upon its release, this song, along with ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU,’ dominated various music charts, receiving immense love from fans worldwide. The ‘SQUARE UP’ album, which includes ‘Forever Young,’ reached #1 on iTunes charts in 44 countries and also topped Japan’s Oricon Digital Album Chart.

Blackpink continues to showcase their prowess as the YouTube powerhouse, not just through music videos but also with their dance practice videos garnering billions of views. Among their total of 32 videos with billions of views on YouTube, 10 of them are dance practice videos with over 200 million views each. Their cumulative views have surpassed 21.5 billion, and their channel has now exceeded 70.4 million subscribers. This makes them the artist with the highest number of subscribers worldwide.

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