BLACKPINK Jisoo from Top 6 Favorite Songs

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BLACKPINK Jisoo from Top 6 Favorite Songs

Let’s begin with Blackpinks top 6 favorite songs.

BLACKPINK Jisoo from Top 6 Favorite Songs (1)

Bet you wanna

  • composer : Tommy Brown, Mr.Franks, Belcalis Almanzar
  • lyricist : Tommy Brown
  • arranger : Tommy Brown, Mr.Franks, TEDDY

The first song chosen by BLACKPINK Jisoo is “Bet You Wanna.”
This song surprisingly features the renowned rapper, Cardi B, known for her explicit lyrics. While collaborating with Blackpink on this track, Cardi B faced challenges in adjusting her style to match the tone of the song. In the credits, she is listed under her real name, Belcalis Almanzar, as one of the songwriters.

BLACKPINK Jisoo expressed, “It’s an honor and exciting whenever we have the opportunity to collaborate. We always want to show new sides of ourselves, and working with other artists often leads to creating songs with different charms. Through such collaborations, we gain inspiration for our future works and create positive synergies together.”



Lisa added, “It’s truly an honor that the artists we admired since we were young also appreciate and join us in collaborations. If there are more opportunities in the future, I’d love to work together again.”

BLACKPINK Jisoo from Top 6 Favorite Songs (2)

Kill This Love

  • composer : TEDDY, Bekuh MOOM, 24, R.Tee
  • lyricist : TEDDY, Bekuh MOOM
  • arranger : TEDDY, 24, R.Tee

The second song chosen by BLACKPINK Jisoo is “Kill This Love.”

‘Kill This Love’ is a song dominated by intense lead brass and grandiose drum sounds.

The music video captured Blackpink’s powerful and charismatic dance lines in a sophisticated visual style, eliciting an explosive reaction from fans worldwide.

In particular, the choreography, including moves reminiscent of firing a gun, received praise for its addictive points, and the video became the only K-pop entry in the ‘Top 10 Most-Watched Music Videos Worldwide in 2019.’



The song also achieved remarkable success on various global charts.

During its first week, it reached #41 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #24 on the Billboard 200, breaking the record for the highest ranking achieved by a K-pop girl group at the time.

Furthermore, Blackpink is currently conducting their largest-scale world tour, ‘BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK],’ which is expected to draw about 1.5 million attendees. Following the successful Asian leg of the tour, they are gearing up for stadium concerts in Paris, France, and four North American cities.

In a historic moment, they will headline the ‘Hyde Park British Summer Time Festival’ in the United Kingdom this coming July, becoming the first K-pop artist to do so.

BLACKPINK Jisoo from Top 6 Favorite Songs (3)


  • composer : TEDDY, R.Tee
  • lyricist : TEDDY
  • arranger : R.Tee

The third song chosen by BLACKPINK Jisoo is “PLAYING WITH FIRE.”

This song is said to have been created by composer Althak in just 20 minutes after waking up from a nap and sitting in front of the computer. Afterward, he met Teddy and through their collaboration, the hit song “Playing with Fire” was born. It is said that Teddy’s work complemented what Althak had created excellently.

Blackpink’s music video for ‘Playing with Fire’ has surpassed 200 million views on YouTube.

The music video for ‘Playing with Fire,’ released on November 1, 2016, reached 10 million views in just 3 days and 3 hours, and it achieved 100 million views in a speedy 5 months. It then set another record by reaching 200 million views in approximately 1 year and 5 months.

YG Entertainment commemorated the achievement of 200 million views for ‘Playing with Fire’ with a special celebration.

The title track of Blackpink’s second digital single ‘SQUARE TWO,’ ‘Playing with Fire,’ falls into the tropical house genre. The song cleverly compares love to playing with fire and resonated with the public with its witty lyrics, gaining much love.

‘Playing with Fire’ also proved its global popularity by topping the QQ Music K-pop MV Chart, which is the largest music site in China with over 400 million monthly users. It received enthusiastic attention from global fans in various countries, leading to the release of a Japanese version of the music video.

With this achievement, Blackpink once again demonstrated the power of being the ‘queens of views.’

Especially, Blackpink’s debut song ‘Boombayah’ and ‘As If It’s Your Last’ are nearing 300 million views. ‘Whistle’ is approaching 200 million views, and the other double title track from ‘SQUARE TWO,’ ‘STAY,’ is about to reach 100 million views.

As the first girl group from YG in 7 years, Blackpink has set unprecedented records, attracting attention from fans both domestically and internationally. As the ‘queens of views,’ having four music videos with over a billion views in just a year after debut, the music industry is eagerly watching what other milestones Blackpink will achieve in the future.

BLACKPINK Jisoo from Top 6 Favorite Songs (4)

Ice Cream

  • composer : TEDDY, Bekuh MOOM, Mr.Franks, Victoria Monet, 24, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande
  • lyricist : TEDDY, Bekuh MOOM, Victoria Monet
  • arranger : Tommy Brown, Mr.Franks, 24

The fourth song chosen by BLACKPINK Jisoo is “Ice Cream.”

The song “Ice Cream” was created as a collaboration between Blackpink and Selena Gomez during the summer of 2020. It showcases the elevated status of Blackpink, having even collaborated with Ariana Grande.

Blackpink’s ‘Ice Cream’ music video has surpassed 600 million views on YouTube. It achieved this milestone in approximately 320 days since its release on August 28th last year. The tremendous interest and love from global fans contributed to reaching the 600 million views mark in less than a year.

‘Ice Cream’ is a song that features collaboration between Blackpink and the internationally renowned pop star Selena Gomez. It showcases Blackpink’s cute and refreshing concept for the first time, and the simple rhythm and cheerful sound in the pop genre drew even more attention.

Upon its release, the song reached an impressive 13th position on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it the highest-ranking achievement by a K-pop girl group. Additionally, it stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 8 consecutive weeks, further proving Blackpink’s global influence. Despite the pandemic situation and minimal activities, they achieved this remarkable success solely through their music and music video.

BLACKPINK Jisoo from Top 6 Favorite Songs (5)


  • composer : TEDDY, Bekuh MOOM, FUTURE BOUNCE
  • lyricist : TEDDY, Bekuh MOOM
  • arranger : TEDDY, FUTURE BOUNCE

The fifth song chosen by BLACKPINK Jisoo is “WHISTLE.”

BLACKPINK’s ‘WHISTLE’ music video has surpassed 300 million views.

With this, BLACKPINK has become the only girl group with a total of five music videos that have achieved over 300 million views in just 2 years and 5 months since their debut.

On the 4th at 10 AM, the ‘WHISTLE’ music video surpassed 300 million views on YouTube, and YG Entertainment celebrated the achievement through an official blog post.

‘WHISTLE’ is one of the double title tracks from BLACKPINK’s debut single album ‘SQUARE ONE,’ released on August 8, 2016, along with ‘BOOMBAYAH.’



Right after the release of their debut song ‘WHISTLE,’ BLACKPINK achieved a “perfect all-kill” on all music charts.

The colorful and stylish visuals of the ‘WHISTLE’ music video received high praise, capturing the attention of the public with the members’ stunning visuals and unique melody line.

‘BOOMBAYAH’ achieved the shortest time for a K-pop group music video to reach 500 million views, and ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’ also reached 400 million views in the shortest time for a K-pop girl group. Even the debut song ‘WHISTLE’ showed its power by surpassing 400 million views.

Previously, ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE,’ released in 2016, and ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ released in 2018 also achieved over 300 million views. BLACKPINK became the girl group with the most music videos surpassing 300 million views.

In addition, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU,’ ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST,’ and ‘BOOMBAYAH’ have reached over 1 billion views on YouTube, proving global fans’ explosive interest in BLACKPINK’s choreography.

BLACKPINK has also been proving their tremendous influence, with all seven music videos released since their debut surpassing hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, including JENNIE’s ‘SOLO,’ which achieved 1 billion views, setting a record for the shortest time for a Korean female solo artist.

BLACKPINK also boasts more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube, making them the K-pop group with the most subscribers. Last August, they became the first K-pop girl group to receive the ‘Diamond Creator Award’ from YouTube.

BLACKPINK’s global influence, which has been proven through YouTube, first caught the attention of the United States. BLACKPINK announced their full-scale entry into the US by joining hands with Universal Music’s label, Interscope. With their challenge on the world stage, expectations are high for how high BLACKPINK will soar in the future.

BLACKPINK Jisoo from Top 6 Favorite Songs (6)


  • composer : TEDDY, Bekuh MOOM
  • lyricist : TEDDY, Bekuh MOOM
  • arranger : TEDDY

The last song chosen by BLACKPINK Jisoo is “BOOMBAYAH.”

BLACKPINK’s ‘BOOMBAYAH’ music video has surpassed 1.2 billion views on YouTube, making it their third video to achieve this milestone.

According to YG Entertainment on the 8th, BLACKPINK’s ‘BOOMBAYAH’ music video surpassed 1.2 billion views at 10:29 AM on that day. It took only 124 days after reaching 1.1 billion views. Despite being over four years since its release, the ‘BOOMBAYAH’ music video continues to show a steady increase in views, changing its billion-view digit every 3 to 4 months, demonstrating BLACKPINK’s immense popularity.


With this achievement, BLACKPINK now possesses three music videos with over 1.2 billion views. Prior to ‘BOOMBAYAH,’ the music videos for ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ and ‘Kill This Love’ had already reached this milestone. Both videos have recently surpassed 1.6 billion and 1.3 billion views, respectively, and continue their record-breaking journey.

‘BOOMBAYAH’ is one of the double title tracks from BLACKPINK’s debut single album ‘SQUARE ONE,’ released in August 2016. The catchy chorus and energetic drum beats have captivated global music fans, leading to its enduring popularity.

The song’s streaming performance is also remarkable. It is on the verge of reaching 300 million streams on the world’s largest music platform, Spotify, indicating that BLACKPINK’s record-breaking journey is expected to continue.

BLACKPINK’s dominance on YouTube remains strong. With a total of 28 videos surpassing 100 million views, their YouTube channel has over 61.9 million subscribers. This places them as the top female artist and overall artist, closely following Justin Bieber’s subscriber count, making BLACKPINK a force to be reckoned with on a global scale.

I’ve found out BLACKPINK Jisoo’s top 6 favorite songs so far.

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